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Resistance from Within the Military

VFP UK Coordinator Ben Griffin speaking at The Glsatonbury Symposium on Resistance to war from within the Military.

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Spike does poetry

Fallen Heroes – Poem by Spike Pike

Spike Pike of VFP UK recites his poem Fallen Heroes.      

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No Glory – VFP UK at Parliament Square

Ben Griffin and Jim Radford of VFP UK at the No Glory gathering in Parliament Square on the centenary of the start of the First World War.

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Vincent Burke

On Remembrance Day – Vincent Burke

Vincent Burke singing On Remembrance Day. Vincent kindly performed for VFP UK at our Remembrance gathering.

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Cenotaph 2013

Remembrance Sunday 2013

Short film by Reel News showing the walk to The Cenotaph and ceremony carried out by Veterans For Peace UK on Remembrance Sunday 2013.  

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Young British Soldier

Snaring Kids With Video Games

Short film by an advertising company about how they snare kids with their Army recruitment video games.  

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Queen & Country – Short film by Vince Chittock

Short film about the nature of warfare by Vince Chittock using the words of Iraq veteran Ben Griffin.      

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Remember – Short film by Vince Chittock

Short film about Remembrance Sunday by Vince Chittock using the words of Falklands veteran Gus Hales.  

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UK Soldier infront of Union Jack

Army Adverts – What They Don’t Tell You

David Buck of Veterans For Peace features in this short film about Army Recruitment.

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Housmans Bookshop

Veterans For Peace UK & Ryan Harvey – Live at Housmans

On the 12th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, Veterans For Peace UK and Ryan Harvey held an evening at Housmans Books, North London. Veterans spoke of their experiences during the “War on Terror” and Ryan sang his anti war songs.   Ryan Harvey singing “Christmas Truce”.     Ben Griffin of Veterans For Peace …

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Conference 2013

Veterans For Peace UK

Promotional video made by CampaignFilm for Veterans For Peace (UK)

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Mike Lyons & Ben Griffin

Mike Lyons and Ben Griffin

Mike Lyons and Ben Griffin of Veterans For Peace (UK) give a full and frank interview to John Schumacher on PATV Iowa during their tour of the Mid West.

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Ben at The Oxford Union

I Will Not Fight For Queen & Country

Ben Griffin of Veterans For Peace UK at The Oxford Union

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Queen Country and a Gag Order

Short film about former SAS Trooper Ben Griffin  

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Howard Zinn

What The Classroom didn’t Teach Me About The American Empire

Short film on American Imperialism by Howard Zinn and narrated by Viggo Mortensen  

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Gerry Condon on Bradley Manning and Kimberly Rivera

Gerry Condon of VFP speaks about the cases of Bradley Manning and Kimberly Rivera.

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assange sketch

Protect Assange Video

Short film in support of Julian Assange.  

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The Wikileaks, Julian Assange Diplomatic Standoff

Short film explaining  the current situation in the case of Julian Assange  

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