VFP UK in Northern Ireland – Oct 2014

  A Different Kind of Tour: Finding Understanding Through Dialogue Following discussion at the Veterans For Peace UK (VFP UK) 2014 annual conference it was decided that since a large section of our membership had played a role as combatants during the British military’s 38 year operational deployment to Northern Ireland, we should investigate a …

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Remembrance Events 2014

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‘Living Through The Conflict': A Pieces of the Past Project

On Monday September 29th I was privileged to be at Belfast City Hall to witness the ‘Pieces of the Past’ Project publicly unveil a book of 118 excerpts from 97 oral history interviews which were collected between 2012 and 2014, from people whose lives had in some way converged with Northern Ireland’s euphemistically named ‘Troubles’. …

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The First World War and the Amritsar Massacre By Aly Renwick

During the First World War, a then undivided India was ruled by Britain and the country contributed 1,105,000 personnel to serve under the British flag. Many Indians volunteered, but the British authorities had required more men. They considered introducing conscription, but instead ordered Indian officials to produce a quota of men or risk losing their …

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The Cenotaph – Remembrance Sunday 9 November

Sunday 9 November 2014 1330 HRS Whitehall Place, London Facebook Event Page On Remembrance Sunday, Veterans For Peace UK will walk to The Cenotaph under the banner “NEVER AGAIN”. We will hold a ceremony at The Cenotaph to remember all of those killed in war.  Supporters of VFP UK are invited and encouraged to follow us to The …

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Remembrance Gathering – Saturday 8 November

  SATURDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2014 1200 TO 1600 HRS FRIENDS HOUSE EUSTON ROAD LONDON Facebook Event Page Veterans For Peace and supporters are invited to attend a Remembrance Gathering in preparation for our ceremony at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. Orders for the following day will be given Rehearsals for the following day will take …

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Remembrance Event and Book Launch – Monday 3 November

Forces Watch and Veterans For Peace UK Monday 3 November 2014 1900 hrs Housmans Books 5 Caledonian Road Kings Cross London Facebook Event Page In the run up to Remembrance Sunday Forces Watch and VFP UK invite you to an evening of performance, discussion and music; Steve Pratt – “About the Making of a Dangerous Individual” …

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Hold The Line

  The last two weeks have been distressing. Jacob David George took his own life as a result of moral injuries sustained in Afghanistan. It pains me to think of the darkness that must have engulfed Jacob to push him across that final line. This week our parliament has voted to involve the UK in a new round of …

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Yet Another Chicken-hawk Politician

This morning VFP UK member Duncan Parker wrote to his MP to ask her to think about the consequences of voting for military action in Iraq. His letter and her response are below. VFP encourages all members and supporters to write to their MP on this issue. If they are going to vote yes we …

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Another Casualty

Last week “bicycle ridin, banjo pickin, peace rambling hillbilly from Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas” Jacob David George died as a result of moral injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Jacob joined the US Army before the attacks of 9/11. He served three tours of Afghanistan (2001, 2002, 2003/4) and came back a changed man. He said that after …

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Wrexham Peace Day Events

Sunday 21 September.  11am to 5pm, Free for All on the Library Field Llwyn Isaf. Sunday 21 September is World Peace Day and will be marked in Wrexham this year, as in previous years, by a ‘Free for All’ event in town during the day, a free live gig in the evening and a Schools …

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Silence the Drums of War by Daniel Taylor

I have often felt that I must hold my tongue out of respect for former colleagues and friends, especially those that have passed away but I have come to realise that to withhold the truth would in fact be doing them a greater disservice.My grievance in this instance is directed at the Invictus games. An …

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The Wall of Shame by Gus Hales

On September the 1st 2014, this years list of service personnel, that have died on duty during the previous twelve months was unveiled at the National Arboretum. This year there will be seventeen new names carved into the Portland stone panels, apparently the least since 1948. If the current world situation and the associated Western …

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VFP Join NATO Protest in Newport

Protesting the NATO Summit, Saturday 30th August 2014, Newport. This weekend members of Veterans For Peace joined thousands of activists in Newport, South Wales to protest the NATO summit being held next week. Here is what some of them had to say. Stuart Griffiths a veteran of the conflict in Northern Ireland said “Yet again …

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About the Making of a Dangerous Individual – A Perfomance by Steve Pratt

                                              Steve Pratt served in the British Army on operations in Dhofar and Northern Ireland. He is an artist and a member of Veterans For Peace UK.

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NATO Protest in Newport – Gus Hales

A ring of steel has been thrown around the Welsh Cities of Newport and Cardiff as this coming week Wales plays host to the NATO summit, at the Celtic Manor Hotel and Leisure resort Newport. During this summit Cardiff castle will hold a champagne banquet while food bank queues mount in the rest of the …

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Pieces of the Past – Spike Pike

I was born 54 years ago in Douglaston Stables, Milngavie, which is a place just outside Glasgow. I have two older sisters, Evelyn and Denise and a younger sister, Christine, she’s only 18 months younger than me. And my younger brother Derek who came six years after I was born. So there were five of …

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Nato Protest in Newport

  Saturday 30 August 2014 Newport Civic Centre Car Park. Meet from 1200 hrs  March leaves Car Park at 1400 hrs Dress – VFP Hoody Look for the VFP Flag. Veterans For Peace will be joining the No Nato march in Newport South Wales on Saturday. Email veteransforpeaceuk@gmail.com to link up with other VFP going …

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VFP UK Photographer Stuart Griffiths’ Exhibition; CLOSER

19 September to 7 October 2014. Private View: Friday 19 September 6pm to 8pm. ‘Stuart is a unique photographer as he shows us army life, not from an embedded viewpoint (like so many images around war), but direct from his experience of being there as he was a soldier himself.’  Magnum photographer Martin Parr. Stuart …

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Northern Ireland Revisited – Spike Pike

My name is Spike Pike, an ex-soldier who did a tour of Belfast in 1981 at the time of the hunger strike. I am now a member of Veterans for Peace. This is about my journey towards reconciliation and peace. It started at the Veterans for Peace UK Annual General Meeting where I met Lee …

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Gaza Protest in Wrexham – Kirk Sollitt

On Saturday 9th August I joined other protestors in Queens Square Wrexham, in solidarity with the people of Gaza. We stand in solidarity not only with the Palestinian people but also with many Israelis who, believing their government’s racist policies to be wrong are making their voices heard. In the square, outlines, names and ages …

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VFP UK at Gaza Protests

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No Glory – VFP UK at Parliament Square

Video of Ben Griffin and Jim Radford of VFP UK at the No Glory gathering in Parliament Square on the centenary of the start of the First World War.

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Hiroshima Memorial – Wednesday 6 August

                  Wednesday 6 August 1200 – 1300 hrs Japanese Cherry Tree, Tavistock Square, London. Please join with VFP and others at this memorial to the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on this day in 1945. Speeches, Poetry, Music and a minutes silence to honour the victims. …

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National Gaza Protest – Saturday 9 August

                Join with VFP this Saturday and join the protest against the ongoing attack on GAZA Date – SATURDAY 9 AUGUST 2014 Timings – 1200 – 1630 HRS Location – BBC, Portland Place then march to Hyde Park via US Embassy VFP RV – Call / email Ben  Organised by The Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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No Glory, No More War – Jim Radford of VFP to Sing

        Monday 4 August 1830hrs Parliament Square, London. Dress – white poppies. Monday 4 August is the centenary of the day that Britain declared war against Germany. The No Glory in War campaign is holding an event in Parliament Square to commemorate the 15 million killed in the “war to end all wars”, including nearly …

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Hell for Heroes – Karl Hemming

Poem by VFP UK member Karl Hemming

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GAZA Protest – Friday 1 August

                Join with VFP and others this Friday to protest the ongoing attack on GAZA FRIDAY 1 AUGUST 2014 1730 HRS Outside the Israeli Embassy, High Street Kensington, London. Nearest tube High Street Kensington Organised by The Palestine Solidarity Campaign Event Facebook page

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Support Dan Ashman at Trial Verdict

The purpose of VFP UK is to work towards the abolition of war. To achieve this we focus on three areas; Education, Resistance & Solidarity. On Friday 4 July members and supporters of VFP UK, CAAT, ELAF, At Ease, LCW and others stood in Solidarity with Dan Ashman as he faced trial for blockading the 2013 Arms Fair at the Excel Centre in …

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How We See War by Rod Tweedy

Rod Tweedy reviews the book War against War! by Ernst Friedrich On May Day 1924 Ernst Friedrich published a collection of photographic images of the atrocities of World War I, hoping to use the relatively new medium of photography as documentary evidence to challenge the orthodox presentation of war. As Douglas Kellner has remarked, “Friedrich …

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VFP UK Visit Swedish Embassy Over Grave Concerns For Assange

THURSDAY 19 JUNE 2014 1500 HRS EMBASSY OF SWEDEN 11 MONTAGU PLACE LONDON W1H 2AL A delegation from Veterans For Peace UK visited the Swedish embassy today to voice grave concerns arising from the ongoing situation of Wikileaks Editor Mr Julian Assange. Veterans For Peace UK recognise Wikileaks as an organisation that reveals to the public the true …

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Engage: the military and young people

Thursday 26 June 2014 1900 hrs Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ Speakers; Young people from Headliners and the Woodcraft Folk Ben Griffin, Veterans for Peace UK Owen Everett, ForcesWatch Outline; Young people are the primary focus of a growing range of initiatives that seek to promote military activities and approaches, including thousands …

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The War In Afghanistan Is A Racket by Bill Distler

In August 1968 my company surrounded a Vietnamese village so that the “lerps” could search it. (from LRRP, long range reconnaissance patrol.) Five soldiers appeared carrying M-16 carbines with silencers. Why would they need silencers? When it was dark, they went into the village. When morning came, they were gone. Carlotta Gall’s book about Afghanistan, …

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David Swanson – War No More – Wed 2 July

Wednesday 2 July 2014 2000 hrs Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London Meeting hosted by CND Chair: Jim Brann, CND Main Speaker: David Swanson David sits on the Coordinating Committee of WorldBeyondWar.org. He will be visiting London from the United States on July 2nd before heading up to speak in Northern England with CAAB on the Fourth of …

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Jim Radford Interview

Jim Radford interviewed on the BBC flagship current affairs programme Today. He talks about his experiences on D-Day and about Veterans For Peace. If the audio keeps stopping the press pause and allow the blue bar to get ahead. Or follow this link for the BBC, Jim is on at 1:43:20 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b045bsc8  

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British Army: Women and Children First by Rachel Taylor (CSI)

We now face the prospect of 16 year old girls joining the army in combat roles. Shortly after announcing it would be reviewing the ban on women in combat roles, the Ministry of Defence last week published annual recruitment figures which revealed that 1,140 women joined the armed forces in the year to April 2014, accounting for 9.6 per …

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Speaking Up for The Voiceless by Gus Hales

Within the anti-war movement, we often hear from the various vocal organisations opposed to the practice of humans killing each other humans. These range from the likes of CND, Peace Pledge Union, Movement for the Abolition of War, Consciences Objectors, Quakers and our very own Veterans For Peace. But there is one group of Veterans always written out …

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Britain and the Vietnam War by Aly Renwick

In 1966 I was a sapper serving with 34 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, based at Tidworth Barracks, when we were told that we had to fly out to the Far East to help deal with problems in Borneo and Brunei. In early October, we arrived in Singapore to acclimatize for a week, but after a …

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Report: Global Day of Action to Close Guantánamo

Not Another Day in Guantánamo demonstration in London By Aisha Maniar of the London Guantanamo Campaign On 23 May 2013, Barack Obama made the latest in a long line of high-profile broken promises to close Guantánamo Bay. During his speech on national security, Obama conceded that the original premise for opening Guantánamo “was found unconstitutional …

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CO’s Day Report by Chase Sydnor

On May 15 2014 Veterans For Peace attended the Annual Conscientious Objector memorial in Tavistock Square, London. Over 300 people attended to commemorate the often unacknowledged and neglected story of Conscientious Objectors. Although remembering Conscientious Objectors from all conflicts and countries, this year paid particular attention to those Conscientious Objectors of the misnamed ‘Great War’. Great effort has been …

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Support Arms Fair Blockader Dan Ashman

The purpose of VFP UK is to work towards the abolition of war. To achieve this we focus on three areas; Education, Resistance & Solidarity. On Friday 4 July members and supporters of VFP UK will stand in Solidarity with Dan Ashman as he faces trial for blockading the 2013 Arms Fair at the Excel Centre in East London. Solidarity Call Out; …

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Reconciliation in Northern Ireland by Kieran Devlin

Apprehension, fear, humility and positivity are not usually feelings you experience in the same day. Yesterday (13/05/14), however, was very different. A number of weeks ago fellow VFP member Lee Lavis had mentioned the fact that he was going to be involved in a talk concerning the conflict in Northern Ireland with a group of …

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False Flag Goes Unreported by John Boulton

I am fully aware that the recent news regarding Turkish officials in Erdogan’s ‘power-elite,’ (amongst others, the Turkish foreign minister and head of the intelligence services) partaking in discussions pertaining to a ‘false flag’ attack against its own troops is yesterdays chip wrapper and then some. You’ll forgive me however in stumbling across this little nugget so late in the day, due in no small part to the …

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The West / NATO by Kenny Williams

Ever wondered why, and how is it, that International laws, bodies, and public figures, that claim to maintain peaceful co-existence, keep silent whilst endorsing repeated NATO bombings? These acts have killed thousands of innocent men, women and children, and have destroyed public and private property in a show of supremacy and arrogance over the nations …

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Filling the Gap by Thomas Paul

News that Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond is to speed up the review that will see female soldiers allowed to join frontline units has met with widespread approval across both sides of the Houses of Parliament. Rare are the occasions when decisions such as Mr Hammond’s order to General Sir Peter Wall, Chief of the Defence …

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Conscientious Objector Memorial

Thursday 15 May 1200-1300hrs Tavistock Square, London Dress – VFP Members to wear a VFP Hoody if you have one.  

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Not Another Day in Guantánamo Demonstration

    Friday 23 May 1200hrs Trafalgar Sq, London Dress – VFP Hoody On 23 May 2013, at the height of media focus on the ongoing hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, Barack Obama made another promise to close the prison camp. In spite of positive measures in that time, such as the release of 12 …

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VFP UK at May Day London

May Day should be a VFP priority by Dan Shea (VFP Chapter 72) International Workers’ Day Is more than the celebration of the Eight Hour Day and the remembrance of the Haymarket Massacre it is recognizing the Captains of Industry declared War against the Working Class Veterans For Peace demands Peace and Justice for all …

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The Same Old Story by Aly Renwick

VFP member Aly Renwick was invited to attend the launch of the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice’s Inquiry into Veterans within the Criminal Justice System, which will be conducted by Rory Stewart MP. This is Aly’s report of the meeting. For 24 years now I have been campaigning, with others, to get the …

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Poverty is a form a Violence by Chase Sydnor

Ryan Harvey – Your Poverty is Our Profit. In the UK huge numbers are stuck in low paid jobs or unemployment, living in squalid conditions and struggling to make ends meet.  It is common knowledge that sections of the population are resorting to food banks to feed their families. The Trussell Trust which operates food banks across the nation …

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