VFP UK Presentation at Cafe Diplo

  Tuesday 29 April 2014 1830hrs Cafe Diplo, The Gallery, 70/77 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ Resistance to war from within the military has a long history that predates well known instances during the Vietnam War. Ben Griffin (Iraq War resister and coordinator of Veterans For Peace UK) will talk about lesser known acts of resistance from within the military …

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May Day March & Rally – London

  Thursday 1 May 2014 1200hrs Clerkenwell Green, London Veterans For Peace UK will join the May Day March and Rally organised by the London May Day Organising Committee Dress – VFP Hoody / T-Shirt. Info – Ben 07866559312      

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2014 VFP UK Conference – Report

VETERANS FOR PEACE UK ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2014 Saturday 12 April 2014 1000hrs Friends House 173 Euston Road London ATTENDED – 32 Aly Renwick,Ben Griffin, Bruce Kent, Charlie Bird, Chase Sydnor, Chris Roper, Dan Taylor, David Buck, George Hill, Glenn Fitzpatrick, Gray Ewlison, Gus Hales, Jim Radford, Joe Glenton, John Boulton, John Bourton, John  Lynes, John Watson, Karl Hemming, Kenny Williams, Lee Lavis, Les Gibbons, Michael Pike, Mike Lyons, Mike Nelson, Quinn Thomson, Stephen Mann, Stuart Griffiths, Thomas Paul, Tom May, Walter Heaton, Vince …

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2014 VFP UK Conference – Gallery

2014 VFP UK Conference Report

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Agitators in the New Model Army

The origins of the modern British Army of today can be traced back to the English Civil War and Cromwell’s New Model Army. There had been no permanent army in England before then, because in the past the ruling King or Queen had raised armies to fight specific wars – after which these forces were …

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Coming to a School Near You?

What starts in the USA often finds its way to the UK. Here is an article written by a VFP member in the States about military recruiters in schools.   In May, 2011, the Portland public school district voted unanimously to allow equal access for counter military recruiters into high schools. I have participated in …

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Stop this Military Worship – Kieran Devlin

Last November, although I didn’t know it at the time, was the last time I will make my annual visit to ward park, respectfully dressed with military medals gleaming to remember the fallen. Year on year I have listened to the message given by an appointed holy man that the deaths of young men and …

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The Cost of Exposing The Truth : Chelsea Manning

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Veterans in Prison

Public concern is increasingly being expressed about the high numbers of veterans in the prison system – many more than from any other profession. A considerable number of them are ex-soldiers who have served in conflicts and many of them are suffering from the hidden wounds of combat related mental traumas. It is these veterans …

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Dennis Edney talk on Omar Khadr


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2014 VFP UK Annual Conference


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Military Visit to Wood Green – Report

On Monday the 27th of January members of VFP UK attended “A celebration of the multi-faith nature of the Armed Forces” organised by Faith Matters in Haringey. We didn’t know what to expect from an event which was described  as “A community discussion highlighting the diverse nature of the armed forces and its role and …

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Challenge the Army when they visit Wood Green – Monday 27 January

Next week the military is coming to Wood Green, London. Haringey Civic Centre 1830 – 2030hrs Monday 27 January. They intend to hold A Celebration of the Multi Faith Nature of Our Armed Forces. They also want to highlight the diversity of our Armed Forces, and its role and work within faith communities. Whatever that …

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New Year, New Logo

Since 2011 Veterans For Peace UK have been using the standard VFP Logo. We decided a while back that we would like a logo which was more easily recognised within the UK. This year is the Centenary of the First World War so we have decided to use the helmet worn by British Forces during …

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Review of 2013

2013 has been a year of growth for Veterans For Peace UK. We started the year with 28 members and an average of 4 turning up to monthly meetings. We end 2013 with 101 members across the UK and on average 15 members turning up to monthly meetings in London. Chase Sydnor, Ben Wright, Aly …

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VFP UK at The Cenotaph – Video

Short film by Reel News showing the walk to The Cenotaph and ceremony carried out by Veterans For Peace UK on Remembrance Sunday 2013.

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Christmas Message – Chase Sydnor

  During Christmas of 1914, British and German troops ceased fighting and adhering to the spirit of “Peace and goodwill towards men” ventured into ‘no-mans’ land to talk, exchange gifts, and even share good-natured banter. It culminated in a game of football which brought unity, fostering a sense of brotherhood and a common humanity. For …

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Solidarity with Jailed Yorkshire Regiment Soldiers

On 10 December 2013 at Bulford Military Court 15 soldiers from 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment were jailed for disobeying an order to stand up. Another soldier awaits sentencing. The act of resistance took place in front of 1000 people during a parade at Archers Post, a British Army Barracks in Kenya. The 16 soldiers from …

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Anniversary of the massacre at Batang Kali

Batang Kali During the Malayan Emergency, sixty-five years ago on 11th December 1948, Tham Yong then aged 17, watched as British troops surrounded the rubber plantation where he lived, near Batang Kali. Men of the Scots Guards, were then ordered to round up the civilians and separate the men from the women and children. That …

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Chelsea Manning Birthday Vigil

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA MANNING! Free Her Now! When – Tuesday 17 December 2013 1500 – 1630 hrs Where - St Martin in the Fields Trafalgar Square London WC2N 4JJ Tube - Charing Cross / Leicester Sq (St Martins request that vigils on the steps are silent) Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning is the US soldier sentenced to 35 …

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12 Years of GITMO Protest

Veterans For Peace UK invite you to attend - Demonstration to Mark the 12th Anniversary of the Opening of the Prison at Guantánamo Demand an End to Human Rights Violations, Demand an End to the Human Suffering. When: 2-4pm, Saturday 11 January 2014 Where: North Side of Trafalgar Square, outside National Gallery Confirmed Speakers include: Jeremy …

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Meditation as a means for Increasing Peace by Joe Lidster

In June/July 1993 more than 4,000 meditators descended on Washington D.C. to conduct an experiment. Their aim was to prove that collective meditation would lower the levels of violent crime purely through the thoughts and intentions of the massed meditators. Against the projections of the FBI and the Washington D.C. Chief of Police, the experiment …

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The Trial of Chelsea Manning – Alexa O’Brien

This article first appeared on the Cairo Review of Global Affairs website on 24/11/13 In February 2010, during a mid-tour leave, a 22-year-old United States Army private named Bradley Manning walked into a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Rockville, Maryland. The junior military intelligence analyst began uploading hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. government documents to …

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White Poppy – John Boulton

Let’s begin by clearing up the common misapprehension that the WP (White Poppy) is a sign of disrespect or two fingers up to our fallen soldiers; it isn’t. The best way to do that would be to wear no poppy at all but be your poppy Red or White, to wear it IS in itself an …

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Don’t call me a Hero – Ben Wright

This picture was taken a few years after my departure from the UK Armed Forces. I took to the streets marching with past and present serving members, to a clapping and cheering general public. Why were they clapping us? This picture was published of me. I am marching behind a serving Royal Marine. The Journalist labelled …

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The Cenotaph 2013

On Remembrance Sunday 2013, Veterans For Peace UK walked to The Cenotaph under the banner ‘Never Again’. The message on the back of our tops read “War is Organised Murder” which is a quote from Harry Patch, the last survivor of The Western Front who he died in 2009. Among the 18 veterans who attended …

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The Morality of Remembrance

            The audio file above is a debate on The Morality of Remembrance held on BBC Radio 4 (The Moral Maze). First up is Ben Griffin representing Veterans For Peace UK, he is followed by Helen Hill representing The Royal British Legion. The pictures displayed are a sample of the ways in which Remembrance …

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The Poppy by David Gee of ForcesWatch

When I was about seven, my dad took me to the local Remembrance Day memorial. Neatly turned-out elderly men were stood in equally neat rows while The Last Post was played. I wondered why everyone looked so sad. Dad said it was because their friends had been killed in the war; this day was to …

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Follow Veterans For Peace To The Cenotaph

SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2013 1330 HRS TRAFALGAR SQUARE   Follow Veterans For Peace UK as we walk to The Cenotaph with a message of peace.   This year in opposition to the pro-war tone of the state parade. Veterans For Peace UK will walk to the Cenotaph under a banner which reflects the original sentiment …

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Shoulder to Shoulder With All Who Serve by Keith Hebden

Keith Hebden It’s that time of year when we do the important work of remembering victims of war and many wear a red poppy to express their solidarity with those sent to fight. But 11th November is a day that has been stolen from the many to serve the propaganda of an elite who risk …

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Army Adverts – What They Don’t Tell You

David Buck of Veterans For Peace features in this short film about Army Recruitment.

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The Last Ambush by David Gee of ForcesWatch

ForcesWatch published ‘The Last Ambush? Aspects of mental health in the armed forces’ on 28 October 2013 – the first report since the Iraq and Afghanistan wars began on the roles that youth and poverty play in mental health problems among veterans. The report is based on 150 sources, including 40 British academic studies of …

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Syria Vigil Today Tuesday 22 October

If anyone is free tomorrow… This Tuesday, 11 foreign ministers and representatives of some Syrian opposition groups will meet in London to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria and the upcoming Geneva peace talks: http://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-secretary-announces-syria-ministerial-meeting-in-london http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/17/syrian-opposition-pressure-geneva-peace-conference You are warmly invited to join an all day peace vigil (non-partisan) outside the Foreign Office, to put forward …

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(don’t) Join The Army – Darren Cullen

All adverts are lies, almost by definition. Each and every advertisement is a distortion of reality which attempts to convince the viewer to act against their own interests. For most of us, the worst results of being duped by an advertising campaign are that we buy a more expensive brand over an identical generic rival, …

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War: The Unheard and Forgotten Voices – Edinburgh 26 OCT

Saturday 26 October 2013 11.45am Out of the Blue Drill Hall 30-38 Dalmeny Street Edinburgh EH6 8RG Scotland Victoria Brittain, Jo Metson-Scott, and Ben Griffin will  lead a discussion on War: The Unheard and Forgotten Voices,  at the 17th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair. Victoria Brittain  lived and worked as a journalist in Washington, Nairobi, Saigon, Algiers and London, …

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LIVE TONIGHT in SOUTHAMPTON – Ryan Harvey & Ben Griffin

                Ryan Harvey to Sing, Ben Griffin to Speak Tonight Friday 11 October 1930hrs The Wool House, Town Quay,  Southampton, SO14 2AG All the way from America Ryan is going to sing his inspirational songs of resistance. Also on the bill Ben Griffin, Veterans For Peace UK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Griffin_%28British_Army_soldier%29 …

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October 7 – Ryan Harvey and Veterans For Peace – Live at Housmans

On the 12th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan come along for an evening of Riot Folk and personal recollections of “The War on Terror” at Housmans Bookshop.   Ryan Harvey, folk singer and activist will share his songs of resistance. Ryan has taken his powerful, insightful, and humorous songs and stories of activism, social movements, …

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Leave Our Kids Alone – Part 3

The Economic Soldier by Andrew Jones Recently in Irvine, North Ayrshire I saw the army at the local job centre looking for new recruits. North Ayrshire is an area that suffers from high unemployment especially among the young.  “YOUTH unemployment in North Ayrshire has doubled in the past five years – from 6.5 per cent …

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Front Lines International

So often, we hear of war from those who have never even seen it. This October, anti-war voices are coming together from the United States, Canada, and Britain for a unique initiative, “Front Lines International”. Front Lines International, or F.L.I. for short, is a cross-border media-based project that connects the voices of those who have …

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Fast on Fridays – Solidarity with Guantanamo Prisoners

The attack on the World Trade Centre in New York City on the 11th of September 2001 resulted in the deaths of 2996 people. In response to that attack, we in the west have unleashed our military might on Muslims around the world. We have killed hundreds of thousands of people. We have destroyed countless …

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Veterans For Peace UK – eBay Shop


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Veterans For Peace Join Occupy Vs The Arms Fair

On Sunday 8 September, four members of Veterans For Peace UK joined Occupy Vs The Arms Fair at London Excel. This was part of a week of protests and actions against the DSEI Arms Fair. DSEi 2013 features over 1,300 arms companies from around the world, displaying arms ranging from rifles to tanks to fighter jets to battleships. They will …

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Leave Our Kids Alone – Part 2

Young age at Army enlistment is associated with greater war zone risks: An analysis of British Army fatalities in Afghanistan David Gee and Anna Goodman have written this excellent report that Veterans For Peace (UK) endorses. Published by ForcesWatch and Child Soldiers International, August 2013 The risk of fatality in Afghanistan for recruits who enlisted into …

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History Repeating Itself

By Charles Bird, Over last weekend I spent four days at the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham, camping in the same tent I used during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Mr Cameron and other hawks would have benefited from being there and hearing former combatants, including from the SAS, with experience in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, …

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Mike Lyons & Ben Griffin TV Interview

Mike Lyons and Ben Griffin of Veterans For Peace (UK) give a full and frank interview to John Schumacher on PATV Iowa during their tour of the Mid West.

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Leave Our Kids Alone – Part 1

By John Boulton If the history books are to be believed, the practice of ‘pressing’ the King’s/Queen’s shilling upon unsuspecting recruits by the Royal Navy and British Army (the most common point of delivery being at the bottom of an ale jug) seems to have been an effective one. I don’t doubt for a minute …

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Reclaiming The Dream

By Chase Sydnor 50 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) manifested his era defining, momentous and prophetic ‘dream’ at the Lincoln memorial in America’s capitol. He spoke of a time when people of all colours and creeds would be united in a common bond of humanity, where justice, in the words of the …

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Questions For Obama & Cameron Before They Attack

by Andrew Bacevich Let us posit that the Syrian government did, in fact, order last week’s chemical attack that killed hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women, children and others who had not taken up arms against the Assad regime. In Washington, the eagerness to initiate military action in order to punish Assad is now palpable. …

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Sign the White House Petition Now! What a week it has been for Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. After the young Army whistle-blower was sentenced to an outrageous 35 years in prison, she chose to reveal her true identity, the one she has felt ever since childhood. She is a female in a male body. “Why …

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VFP UK – Mid West Tour 2013

By Ben Griffin Monday 5 Aug, Mike Lyons and I began our trip to the Mid West with a flight from London to Chicago via Dublin. Whilst transiting through Dublin we had to pass through USA customs, it is a physical manifestation of the empire. The imperial crest sits on the wall with a picture …

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